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申請者請將個人資料(含完整著作目錄之CV)、至少一篇代表作、未來研究規劃及至少三位推薦人聯絡資訊,於2023年6月30日前上傳至 (。本中心及環境韌性與永續研究群組相關資訊請參閱網頁:
Researcher Positions in Environmental Resilience and Sustainability Science
The Research Center for Environmental Changes (RCEC), Academia Sinica invites outstanding scientists to apply for tenure-track researcher positions at the assistant research fellow level or above in the Environmental Resilience and Sustainability Research Group (ERSRG). This position is expected to begin from summer of 2023. We particularly consider applicants with expertise in the area of “environmental change and health impacts/adaptation” with transdisciplinary approaches.
Academia Sinica advocates transdisciplinary and solution-oriented Sustainability Science in order to tackle the significant challenges on our society brought by global environmental changes. Sustainability Science is one of the priority areas in Academia Sinica Southern Campus. To support the development of Sustainability Science, RCEC has established ERSRG in 2020. The aims of ERSRG are to assess the impacts of environmental changes from human-centric perspectives and to explore potential adaptation options. Follow the development of Academia Sinica Southern Campus, a research team will be built up focusing on the area of human health and wellbeing under dynamic environmental changes with the anticipation of establish a thematic center in the near future. The current positions of “environmental change and health impacts/adaptation” are open for Academia Sinica Southern Campus.
Applicants are required to have a doctoral degree; those who has an excellent record of independent research are highly welcomed. Application materials shall be submitted on-line through the Academic Jobs Online ( by including (1) curriculum vitae with a full publication list, (2) a research plan, (3) 1-3 representative papers, and (4) contact information of at least three reference peers.
For more information, please visit the RCEC and Environmental Resilience & Sustainability Research Group webpage ( contact Ms. Nellie Chang at
The application deadline is June 30, 2023.