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國立臺灣大學地理環境資源學系擬徵聘專任助理教授、副教授或教授共1名,從事教學及研究工作,預訂起聘時間為2019年8月。申請者需獲有博士學位,歡迎以地理空間議題為研究對象的地理、地科/環科、測繪、都計/運輸、電機資訊、統計、土木與環工等相關學術專長者提出申請,可強化本系在地理資訊科學的前瞻技術發展,或能夠深化應用於人文社會、區域研究與環境永續等議題。優先考慮以下地理資訊科學相關之研究專長,包括:空間資料科學與地理計算 (spatial data science and geocomputation)、適地性技術與服務 (location-based service)、人工智慧與物聯網 (AIoT)、遙測與測量技術 (remote sensing and geodetic techniques)、地理視覺化及虛擬與擴增實境 (geovisualization and VR/AR applications)等。我們期望申請者具有領導創新地理議題的學術潛力、投入教學熱忱、並能和本系同儕共同合作,拓展跨學科整合的能力。
意者請備妥:(1) 一封申請信,內容應包含在本系的教學及研究計畫;(2)履歷自傳;(3) 博士學位證書影本 (或是由指導教授出具,保證申請人能於2019年5月前取得博士學位證書的文件);(4) 歷年著作目錄;(5) 五年內著作各1份,並指明三年內著作一篇為代表作,此代表作應為已印行在SCI、SSCI期刊之論文,且為第一作者或通訊作者,或其它等同標準之著作,如經嚴格審查之專書著作;(6) 推薦函三封。 (審查資料不退還)
106 臺北市羅斯福路四段一號
Tel: +886-2-33665820

The Department of Geography, National Taiwan University (NTU) is seeking applications for a tenure-track or tenured position at all ranks beginning in August 2019. We invite applicants with a Ph.D. degree in geography/GIScience or related disciplines, whose research will strengthen the department’s GISceince program or the applications of human or physical geography. We are conducting a broad search and considering appointments in areas including, but not restricted to: spatial data science and geo-computation, location-based services, AIoT (AI + IoT), remote sensing and geodetic techniques, and geovisualization and VR/AR applications. Leadership in cutting-edge collaborative research within- and cross-departments, and strong commitments to teaching and mentoring are expected. For more information about the department, please see
Qualified candidates must hold a Ph.D. degree at the time of application. Those who finish their study program, including the Ph.D. dissertation requirement, and expect to graduate by May 2018, but have not yet obtained the diploma may be considered as a qualified candidate, only on the condition with a confirmation from his/her Ph.D. adviser. Applicants should be proficient in lecturing in either English or Mandarin Chinese. To apply please submit the following materials in a package to the department chair, Professor Tzai-Hung Wen or by e-mail ( by December 20, 2018: (1) a letter of application describing how he/she would contribute to the Department’s teaching and research programs; (2) a curriculum vitae; (3) a copy of PhD diploma; (4) a complete publication list; (5) recent selected publications (published after 2013) and a representative work (published after 2015); (6) three reference letters which should be directed to the department chair. The applicant should be the first and/or corresponding author for the representative paper, which should be published in an SCI, SSCI indexed journal or refereed book/book chapter. We note that the application materials will not be returned to the applicants.
National Taiwan University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply.
Professor Tzai-Hung Wen
Chair, Department of Geography
National Taiwan University
No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road
Taipei, Taiwan 106
Tel: +886-2-33665820; Fax: +886-2-23622911