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Taiwan Climate Change Projection and Information Platform Project

Our Aim

The Taiwan Climate Change Projection and Information Platform Project (TCCIP) coordinated by National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction (NCDR) is one of three major climate change projects funded by Ministry of Science and Technology. The TCCIP project not only produces climate change data for impact assessments and adaptations but also aims to support national adaptation policy framework.


Our Mission

In TCCIP phase 1 (2010-2012) has produced substantial results for user service such as producing digitalized, homogenized, and gridded meteorological data sets; projecting climate change projection of Taiwan area; producing high spatial-temporal resolution data sets by statistical downscaling and dynamic downscaling; developing technologies to apply climate change data to the studies of disaster reduction and water resources management, publishing “Climate Change in Taiwan: Scientific Report 2011”, and building the TCCIP website (


Our Work

In TCCIP phase 2 (2013-2015), in addition to being a producer of high-resolution climate change projection data, the TCCIP also aims to be a good communication interface, effectively passing not only the data but also the related information to users.


International Cooperation