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Based on the good performance of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Research Promotion Centers established in the early 60', to establish the Earth Science Research Promotion Center was then proposed by the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at National Science Council (NSC) in July 1996.

Vice Chairman of NSC, Dr. Ching-Yen Tsay agreed that the Research Center should be formed, and should be conducted by awarding a contract to a leading Institution. After cautious considerations by Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and NSC, National Central University was chosen to host the Earth Science Research Promotion Center.

Because NCU is traditionally very solid in the Earth Sciences related disciplines, and the university is very supportive and is willing to work closely with NSC.

Vice chairman of NSC, Dr. H.C. Hsieh from NSC recommended and agreed to appoint Dr. Yi-Ben Tsai as the Director of the Research Center to carry out this project.

The Research Promotion Center has an Advisory Committee with 15 to 17 members. They are responsible for the execution of the projects. Both committee members and the Director are primary recommended by the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and then appointed by the National Science Council.


  • Defining the objectives and priorities in researches and developments of Earth Sciences, where the Earth Science involves Geology, Geophysics, Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, and Space Science. Furthermore, planning, promoting, and evaluating all major long-term academic researches are also the missions of the Research Center.
  • Integrating and coordinating the current Earth Science researches, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary disciplines.
  • Promoting the academic exchanges and cooperation with oversea Earth-Science-related institutes and scientists.
  • Sponsoring meetings, workshops, and academic-related activities.
  • The Advisory Committee is an integral part of the Research Center. The duties of this committee are listed as following: - Assist the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to set the courses for future research and development in Earth Science. - Evaluate the project budgets and reviewing short-term oversea scholars and distinguished scientists visits. - Support domestic and international workshops.

Future Prospect

  • Continues carrying out its predefined missions, with focuses on setting the courses for future researches and developments of the Earth Science.
  • The Center will take appropriate steps and actions, in responding to the trends of international earth sciences developments.
  • Uncover the latest developments of earth science and support such endeavors.
  • Actively coordinates the national and international academic exchanges between scholars in the Earth Science disciplines.
  • To optimize the service and performance the Research Promotion Center can provide, it is essential to have all the Earth Scientists in Taiwan involved in various activities along with the Research Promotion Center. Opinions and suggestions are always welcome!

Mailing Address

Earth Science Research Promotion Center,
Department of Natural Sciences, NSC.

National Central University
No.300, Jhongda Rd., Jhongli City, Taoyuan County 32001, Taiwan (R.O.C.).