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國立中正大學理學院地球與環境科學系 誠徵專任助理教授或專案助理教授級以上教師一名

  • 應徵資格:
  1. 具博士學位。
    • 如持國外學歷者,投遞時須檢附經駐外單位驗證通過之證明文件 (如屬大陸地區學歷者,須檢附教育部頒發之學歷認定函)
  2. 應徵專任助理教授者需專長:地球物理探勘、工程地質(含大地工程)、岩石礦物(含岩石地化)、地球物理(含地震)、遙測(含LiDAR及InSAR)等相關領域。
  3. 應徵專案助理教授者需教授以下課程:地球與環境科學概論實習(一)(二)、地震教育、高等波傳理論、高等波傳實踐、地震前兆與地震預警、Python and ObsPy、利用SAC軟體分析地震資料與資料解釋、Matlab語言與GISMO軟體在地震資料處理與實作、Linux程式腳本撰寫與應用等課程。
  • 起聘日期:2020年8月1日。
  • 申請截止日期:2020年2月21日。
  • 請依上述截止日前檢具以下資料:
  1. 個人履歷
  2. 學經歷證件影本(※如持國外學歷者,投遞時須檢附經駐外單位驗證通過之證明文件;如屬大陸地區學歷者,須檢附教育部頒發之學歷認定函)
  3. 著作目錄
  4. 三至五篇最近五年內重要著作(請自行指定其中一篇為代表作)
  5. 過去研究成果之自述
  6. 教學及研究計畫書
  7. 三封介紹信及介紹人之姓名及聯絡方式
  8. 其它有助於瞭解申請者背景之資料
Faculty Position at Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, National Chung Cheng University
The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan is seeking applications for a faculty position at the assistant professor level (or above) or project assistant professor starting Aug. 1st, 2020. The successful doctorate candidate will be expected to engage in the field of  (1) Geophysical Exploration, (2) Engineering Geology, (3) Petrology and Mineralogy (including Geochemistry), (4) Geophysics (including Seismology), and (5) Remote Sensing (including LiDAR and InSAR). Applicants applying project assistant professor will be expected to teach courses: (1) Laboratory for Introductory Geology (I), (2) Laboratory for Introductory Geology (II), (3) Earthquake Education, (4) Modern Tools to Process Seismic Data: Python and ObsPy, (5) Seismic Data Analysis and Interpretation Using Seismic Analysis Code, (6) Matlab and GISMO, (7) Linux Shell Scripting and Applications, (8) Earthquake Precursors and Earthquake Early Warnings, (9) Advance Computational Seismology, (10) Seismic Wave Propagation. Applicants please email their curriculum vitae, academic credentials (Foreign academic qualifications must be accompanied by the certification documents of “Verified by Overseas Offices”), a list of publications, three to five refereed publications (Please designate one of them as a masterpiece), plans for teaching and future research, and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Yuan-Hsi Lee, Chairman of the department at with a cc to the department office at The applications should be submitted by Feb. 21th, 2020 to ensure full consideration.
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